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Remote Worker Bundle options make working from home fast & secure

Small businesses are rushing to get their employees working from home. The popularity of virtual conferences and webinars has skyrocketed in response to the threat of coronavirus, influenza, daycare emergencies, potholes, perilous traffic, and political ads on the morning commute. If you’re looking to keep your workforce out of harm’s way, our new Remote Worker Bundle comes with everything you need to maintain network security while employees work from home. Establish fast, safe remote access with a SonicWall SMA 210 or SonicWall SMA 410 expertly configured for your unique network demands, then pair it with 24×7 Support to make the experience flawless for remote employees.

Security risks posed by working from home represent just one problem surrounding secure remote access. Ensuring that the home experience is simple and seamless is integral to maintaining productivity. In addition, small businesses struggle with issues of flexibility, compatibility, and scalability. The Remote Worker Bundle tackles these issues with affordable add-on options for technical support and further concurrent user licensing.

Benefits of the Remote Worker Bundle

When workers come into the office sick, they risk spreading illnesses to the whole staff, but self-quarantining at home doesn’t mean the work has to stop! Our Remote Worker Bundle includes all the fundamental pieces organizations need to set up basic work-from-home security for their employees. Projects never need to be put on pause when remote workers are able to work with all of the company resources and apps they’re used to at their workstation. This bundle is also ideal for any company with a high volume of business travel.

Flexible, scalable remote access for all

SonicWall SMA appliances are compatible with any firewall brand or model you may already be using. Remote workers will be able to access any company printers, applications, files, or cloud resources from the comfort of their home while their session sits behind the same company firewall that protects their data in the workplace! SonicWall’s SMA 210 and SMA 410 appliances are compatible with any cable or DSL connection from any Internet service provider, meaning whatever Internet provider your workers already have at home will work.

Need to add more users? The SMA 210 can support up to 50 users with concurrent licensing and the SMA 410 can protect up to 250 remote workers at once. The best part? Because these stackable user licenses are perpetual, you’ll only ever pay for each user one time–no need for renewals.

Remote worker bundle: configuration included

Ready to wash your hands of remote security risks? To provide secure network access for employees working from home, optimization of remote access appliances and services is critical. The Remote Worker Bundle includes our proprietary remote access configuration service, in which our team of network engineers expertly configure profiles and access groups via SSL or IPSec settings. Additional access control optimization is also incorporated to help further safeguard your data.

All configuration work is completed by our manufacturer-certified network architects at the Firewalls.com Security Operations Center (SOC) in Indianapolis. You’ll even get post-deployment support from the same team of engineers that configured your appliance.

Security best practices when working from home

Bolster your password hygiene – Remote workers carry additional risks to company data. Ensuring that users rely on strong, complex, and lengthy passwords guarantees that your data stays safe even in the case of a lost or stolen device.

Make sure end user protection is up to par – Any device operating on the company network should be properly protected by strong anti-virus capabilities such as SonicWall Capture Client, web filtering, encryption, anti-spam, and malware protection. Mobile workers should enjoy the same air-tight security when roaming as they would at their desk.

Avoid public Wi-FiAs we covered in Episode 14 of our podcast, public wireless networks can be a breeding ground for wireless threats. Advanced threats like evil-twin attacks, rogue access points, ad-hoc networks, and client misassociation can wreak havoc on BYOD users. In a world with growing open wireless networks, Wi-Fi attacks using Emotet malware infected systems are able to not only steal personal information but also spread malware by laterally scanning public wireless networks.

Email security & encryption – The inbox represents one of the biggest attack vectors for users of all kinds, but remote workers are especially at risk. Email applications are the most popular form of remote work as employees peer at their inbox several times throughout the day. Encryption, anti-spam, and email sandboxing services such as Capture ATP for SMA are all great ways to keep the team safe, whether home or away.


BYOD & Remote Access: Staying secure in the era of mobile workers

As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Remote Access policies ramp up, so too does the mad dash to secure these new endpoints. Gartner predicted that by 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes. With so many fresh attack surfaces, employers scramble to assemble additional security layers that prevent data leakage and intrusions. The nature of BYOD proves challenging as devices in the wild show volatility without proper VPN and next-gen firewalls to lock down security.

Our solutions

Secure Mobile Access – Powerful, cost-effective secure mobile and remote access means that your users have access to applications wherever they’re working, so they stay productive and your company stays competitive.

SonicWall VPN – Ensure secure access to crucial applications for Android & iOS mobile devices using SSL and policy-based enforcement.

Next-Generation Firewalls – Next-Gen Firewalls provide you the power to execute cutting-edge security without your performance withering away.

Secure Remote Access – SonicWall Secure Remote Access solutions provide users with easy-to-use, secure, and clientless remote access to necessary resources on the corporate network.

Aventail SRA Connect Mobile – SonicWALL Aventail with Connect Mobile provides robust remote access solutions for smart phone users, with “in-office” access optimized for the device.

Trouble setting things up?

Firewalls.com provides a video library chock full of helpful how-to’s and troubleshooting guides. One of our certified engineers will provide the answers you crave to set up your remote access VPNs.

Segment your users into Local Users & Groups

Use NetExtender to set up an SSL VPN

BYOD sonicwall firewalls diagram infographic email encryption with SSL VPN

Firewalls.com is a value-added reseller of firewall appliances & a vendor of managed security and Firewall-as-a-Service support.  Whether you’re looking to add an appliance to your security set-up or expand BYOD and remote access security, we provide solutions that get you secure and keep you secure. Contact our sales staff to answer questions you may have about your network, next-gen firewalls, or BYOD!