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SonicWall TZ370 Review & Why Now’s The Time To Upgrade Your Small Business Firewall

SonicWall TZ370 Review

The SonicWall TZ370 is among a group of new firewalls with a 7 in their model number released in 2020. So why do they share that lucky number? Because they run on SonicWall’s latest operating system, SonicOS 7.0. And that means they can handle all the latest and greatest security and networking features you can think of. The TZ300 was one of SonicWall’s most popular small business firewalls, and the TZ350 has been a worthy successor. With that said, why is the TZ370 even better than its predecessors? Read on for a look at the features and benefits of this firewall in our SonicWall TZ370 review.

Are SonicWall Firewalls Any Good?

Originally founded in 1991, what is now known as SonicWall released its first small business firewall more than 20 years ago. And the company has been a leader in the network security space ever since. Numerous third party organizations recognize SonicWall as a one of the top cybersecurity companies in the game, and its feature-rich, high-performance firewalls back that position up. Gen 7 firewalls offer top-notch throughput with excellent connectivity options for small business to enterprise deployments.

SonicWall’s security & networking features available through these firewalls are among the best out there as well. They include:

  • Capture ATP sandboxing and its Real Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI)
  • Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) – offering security analysis of all traffic in real-time
  • TLS 1.3 support to inspect encrypted traffic
  • Integrated Secure SD-WAN
  • High-speed VPN
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Single-pane-of-glass cloud management
  • 24×7 Support

Those features are on top of the other services you’d expect, like antivirus, antispyware, content filtering, and antispam to name a few. Now back to our TZ370 review.

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What Businesses Would Be A Good Fit For The SonicWall TZ370?

The TZ370 works best for small business and small branch office deployments. That goes along with a recommended user count of up to 25, meaning it can comfortably secure a typical smaller office environment. On top of that, zero-touch deployment allows businesses to have this firewall up and running in no time. As small businesses and branches typically don’t have IT staff or expertise, this is a valuable tool. Adding to that flexibility, for those looking at adding WiFi, the available TZ370W serves as a Wave 2 wireless access point as well.

The security and connectivity features mentioned above simply weren’t available a few years ago on a desktop device – as the TZ370 is. Additionally, with ever increasing speeds offered by internet providers, an older device means small businesses are most likely paying for a connection speed the firewall can’t support. We’ll get to just how fast the TZ370 is in a moment. But in short, it supports gig speeds even with security services turned on. Those older devices in its class don’t come close. So if your business has a previous generation firewall, whether TZ or otherwise, it’s time to take a look at upgrading. Need more reasons why? Let’s dive into its tech specs as we continue this SonicWall TZ370 review.

SonicWall TZ370 Specs


Firewall Throughput: 3 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 1.5 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 1 Gbps

IPSec VPN Throughput: 1.3 Gbps

Maximum Connections (DPI): 200,000

Connections per Second: 9,000

Interfaces: 8x1GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console

View the Datasheet

SonicWall TZ370 Pricing & Availability

The SonicWall TZ370 retails for under $700 as a standalone appliance, with the wireless TZ370W about $100 more. That places the TZ370 among the leaders in price to performance in the desktop firewall class. To take full advantage of its security, connectivity, & management features, choose a services bundle. TotalSecure Advanced Edition covers all the bases, with the less comprehensive Essential and Threat Editions also available.

SonicWall security bundles come in one, three, and five year subscription options. And because we mentioned upgrading from an older firewall, note that you may qualify for special pricing under SonicWall’s Secure Upgrade program. Visit our site or talk to an expert at 866-645-2140 to learn how to get a TZ370 for your network.


SonicWall Gen 7 Firewalls Join the NSa & TZ Ranks

SonicWall Gen 7 Firewalls

The next generation of SonicWall next generation firewalls continues to grow. The powerhouse NSa 2700 and three new TZ small business firewalls, the TZ270, TZ370, & TZ470 are the latest entries in SonicWall Gen 7. Following the release of the TZ570 and TZ670 earlier this year, this week’s announcement marks six appliances with a seven in their name. So what does the seventh generation moniker mean?

It means each firewall runs on SonicOS 7.0, the latest iteration of SonicWall’s operating system. On top of that, it means more connections. It means the state-of-the-art protection of Capture ATP, which stops ransomware in its tracks. And of course a big one, top notch performance.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the new SonicWall Gen 7 firewalls.

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SonicWall NSa 2700

NSa 2700

The SonicWall NSa 2700 is the first of the mid-size firewalls in SonicWall Gen 7. That means this firewall packs an enterprise feature-rich punch, with a low total cost of ownership that won’t knock out budgets. The NSa 2700 boasts advanced networking features businesses come to expect, like SD-WAN, dynamic routing, and clustering. Along with that, it offers high-speed VPN for 2020’s remote workforce.

When it comes to security, in addition to Capture ATP, the NSa 2700 supports Cloud Application Security, Real Time Deep Memory Inspection, and Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection. On top of that is Deep Packet Inspection for all traffic. In sum, the NSa 2700 with these features is ready to stop the latest threats, including the zero days we don’t know about yet. Here’s a brief look at its other tech specs:

Firewall Throughput: 5.5 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 3.4 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 3 Gbps

IPSec VPN Throughput: 2.1 Gbps

Maximum Connections (DPI): 500,000

Connections per Second: 25,000

Interfaces: 16x1GbE, 3x10G SFP+, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console, 1 Management port

SonicWall TZ270, TZ370, & TZ470

TZ Stack

SonicWall’s TZ firewall series is known for offering comprehensive protection to SMBs at an affordable price point. The new members of this series take the protection & performance up a notch. These SonicWall Gen 7 firewalls support the many of the latest security features (Capture ATP, RTDMI, & RFDPI) and connectivity capabilities (SD-WAN, VPN, etc.) we just discussed, but in a desktop package. The TZ270, TZ370, & TZ470 are designed for small businesses as well as enterprise branch offices. On top of the sizing options they provide, they also come in wireless models (look for the W) which can serve as firewalls and access points in one.

Speaking of wireless, you may have heard about a little technological advance known as 5G. Well, so has SonicWall. These TZ firewalls come equipped with a USB 3.0 port that allows for 5G & LTE connectivity. And because these are built for small business, getting them up and running is a snap. They feature zero-touch deployment and setup through the SonicExpress mobile app. Once they’re online, management with the aforementioned SonicOS 7.0 is a breeze as well. But the major differentiator for SonicWall Gen 7 firewalls is performance, so let’s take a look at their tech specs:

SonicWall TZ270/TZ270W


Firewall Throughput: 2 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 1 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 750 Mbps

IPSec VPN Throughput: 750 Mbps

Maximum Connections (DPI): 150,000

Connections per Second: 6,000

Interfaces: 8x1GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console

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SonicWall TZ370/TZ370W


Firewall Throughput: 3 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 1.5 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 1 Gbps

IPSec VPN Throughput: 1.3 Gbps

Maximum Connections (DPI): 200,000

Connections per Second: 9,000

Interfaces: 8x1GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console

SonicWall TZ470/TZ470W


Firewall Throughput: 3.5 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 2 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 1.5 Gbps

IPSec VPN Throughput: 1.5 Gbps

Maximum Connections (DPI): 250,000

Connections per Second: 12,000

Interfaces: 8x1GbE, 2×2.5GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console

Which firewall is right for me?

With these new options – and many worthy existing ones – how do you decide which firewall works best for your business? Consider user counts, how those users behave, remote and branch connectivity, your incoming ISP speed, wireless needs, and more. Sound like a lot to consider on your own? Reach out to our certified experts, and they can walk you through the process (and probably get you a better price, too). Chat on our site anywhere you see the window pop up, or call 866-957-2975 to talk with them today!

TZ570 and TZ670 Firewalls Join SonicWall SMB Family

Introducing the TZ570 and TZ670

SonicWall’s highly regarded TZ Series firewalls have a couple new additions, with the TZ570 and TZ670 boasting some heavy duty features for SMBs. One major first that security minded organizations should take note of – these are the first desktop devices to offer multi-gigabit malware and ransomware protection. That protection even extends to attacks hiding in TLS 1.3 traffic

The TZ570 and TZ670 are zero-touch enabled, making deployment a snap for novices and experts alike. How easy? The new SonicWall SonicExpress mobile app allows admins to easily onboard TZ firewalls within minutes via an easy 1-2-3 process: simply register, connect and manage.

Connecting the SD-Branch

They also come equipped with SD-Branch capabilities to make securely connecting your offices easy. What capabilities you may ask? Let’s start with the physical. The TZ570 and TZ670 are unique among desktop firewalls as they include multi-gigabit (5/10G) ports. These interfaces allow for connectivity with networking devices like SonicWall Switches, wireless access points, & more. Pretty nifty, eh? But we know network security and connectivity goes beyond physical. And that’s why the SonicOS operating system has been updated to support SD-Branch connectivity.

SonicOS 7.0 features some major updates for admins, including:

  • Modern user interfaces
  • Intelligent device views
  • Advanced security control
  • Critical networking and management capabilities

This means you get unified visibility and threat detection, all from a single pane of glass.

Next Generation Performance

The TZ570 and TZ670 can reach threat prevention speeds up to 2.5 Gbps, even with all security services on. They allow you to connect and secure up to 1.5 million devices or users — a 900% increase in maximum connections per appliance. For encrypted SSL/TLS connections, these firewalls can secure up to 30,000 concurrent connections with DPI enabled. Oh, and you also get 5G readiness plus wireless options with the TZ570. Come back soon for a more detailed performance overview here on the blog.

Managed Through the Cloud

Manage your TZ570 and TZ670 via the new cloud-native Network Security Manager (NSM) 2.0. The NSM is a completely virtual product that gives you a single, easy-to-use cloud interface for streamlined management, analytics, & reporting. Plus, the NSM features an innovative new user interface and user experience.

A Video Introduction

Meet the TZ570 and TZ670 via our latest Firewall Review video:

Shop TZ570 and TZ670 firewalls

Now that you’ve had a primer, it’s time to shop around. We’ve got you covered with new TZ570 and TZ670 firewalls and security services. Take a look at your options to find the right fit for your network.



Reviewing SonicWall’s New SOHO 250 and TZ350 Firewalls

SonicWall Adds to its SOHO & TZ Firewalls

SonicWall TZ series firewalls already offer integrated security solutions for SMBs and even home offices, and now, SonicWall has announced new additions to the family, the SonicWall SOHO 250 (and SOHO 250W – the W stands for Wireless), and the SonicWall TZ350 (and TZ 350W). These new firewalls protect more connected devices, have higher speeds, and offer simple deployment & management of SonicWall’s first-class protection for your network – all in a compact, desktop package. And for the first time ever, SonicWall is offering a SOHO firewall that supports the advanced threat protection capabilities of SonicWall Capture ATP! We take a closer look at these brand new devices in the video below:

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SOHO 250 Spec Snapshot

SonicWall SOHO 250 and SOHO 250W

SonicWall SOHO 250

Max Firewall Throughput: 600 Mbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 200 Mbps

Network Interface Ports: 5 x 1GbE, 1 USB, 1 Console

Maximum Connections: 50,000

Maximum Connections (DPI SSL): 25,000

Maximum Supported Wireless Access Points: 4

Hardware-Only MSRP: $375

TZ350 Spec Snapshot

SonicWall TZ350 and TZ350W

SonicWall TZ350

Max Firewall Throughput: 1 Gbps

Threat Prevention Throughput: 335 Mbps

Network Interface Ports: 5 x 1GbE, 1 USB, 1 Console

Maximum Connections: 100,000

Maximum Connections (DPI SSL): 25,000

Maximum Supported Wireless Access Points: 8

Hardware-Only MSRP: $595

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