What Is SonicWall NetExtender & How Can It Improve Your Remote Workforce?

What Is SonicWall NetExtender

SonicWall NetExtender is an application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows a remote user to access applications, files, resources, and more from the base network while being protected by that base network’s security apparatus.

To use it, a remote user will need an active SonicWall VPN license. A VPN, also known as virtual private network, is a secure way of accessing company data from anywhere in the world. SonicWall VPNs work in tandem with NetExtender as a means of routing a remote user’s device, desktop or mobile device, safely to the base network.

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How Can SonicWall NetExtender Improve Your Remote Workforce

By offering VPN licenses to a remote workforce, you provide your business & users all the same protection capabilities they’d receive if they were working in the office. When remote employees work through NetExtender, they have the freedom to work at efficient speeds with more direct access to files and apps. On top of that, they get security capabilities only available to users connected to your base network.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Access secure files from anywhere in the world
  • Use all the business-critical applications you’re used to
  • Secure communications
  • Extend on-premises levels of security to employees working from home
  • Maintain compliance requirements

How Much Do VPNs With SonicWall NetExtender Cost

SonicWall virtual private network solutions are designed for scalable cost. The solution depends on the number of licenses you’ll need, which VPN protocols you use, and what configuration or support options are included. To learn more about the different types of SonicWall VPN clients that work through NetExtender, check out our comparison between SonicWall SSL VPN & Global VPN.

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Looking For A NetExtender VPN Solution?

Configure A Scalable NetExtender Solution

Configuring the right SonicWall VPN solution isn’t the easiest thing to do. Our network security experts are on standby to help guide you through the decision making process. To start your scalable SonicWall VPN solution through NetExtender, call 317-225-4117 or reach out via our secure contact form.