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2018 Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Fortinet, Defined

FortiGate? FortiWifi? FortiRugged? FortiFabric? What feels like forty-million options offered by the Fortinet product catalog can be a turn-off for small business owners looking to make the wisest investment in their cybersecurity. Unfortunately, this deters many organizations from getting their hands on one of the greatest product lines in the security industry. Fortinet consistently rocks benchmark tests, with their super smart FortiGate series of next gen firewalls winning massive praise from the likes of Gartner and NSS Labs. Don’t miss out on great security solutions; download our Fortinet Buyer’s Guide!

Here’s a FortiFact: In 2018, Fortinet reported LOWEST total cost of ownership among 10 brands tested by NSS Labs. (Just $2 per secured Mbps—compare to Check Point’s whopping $57 per Mbps)

Marked as a Leader in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Next Gen Firewalls, Fortinet has been making waves with their E-Series firewalls featuring dedicated security content processors, their FortiRugged outdoor appliances, and FortiWifi devices with built-in wireless access points. So how can a consumer with little to no Fortinet knowledge conquer this big, bad maze of killer options?

Another FortiFact: The FortiGate NGFW blocked 100% of the evasions that testers at NSS Labs threw at it.

Meet the Firewalls.com Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Meet the Buyers Guide -- Comic drawn by Kat at Firewalls.com. Email us and we'll force her to draw one for your too!

In the pages of our short PDF Fortinet buyer’s guide, you’ll find helpful tables and definitions that demystify the catalog and examine the golden threads Fortinet spun into their FortiFabric.

More FortiFacts: FortiFabric is an end-to-end suite of security appliances, services, and licenses. Together, Fortinet’s integrated services outperform piece-by-piece security patchworks deployed by many organizations…

What Does the Fortinet Buyer’s Guide Include?

Recommended Users Counts

Glossary of Fortinet Terms

Service Definitions

Product Series Overviews

Follow-up Info on Buying Options

Third-Party Testing Reports





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