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Exploring Fortinet’s FortiGate Models: Your Comprehensive Guide to FortiGate Firewalls

Fortinet's FortiGate Models

Exploring Fortinet's FortiGate Models:

Your Comprehensive Guide to FortiGate Firewalls

If you are in the market for a robust firewall that will shield your network infrastructure from cyber threats, Fortinet’s FortiGate Firewalls are a great option. Fortinet’s range of FortiGate models are tailored to meet your specific business needs and provide advanced security features, high performance and scalability. Let’s dive into the world of FortiGate models and discuss their key features and benefits, the differences between Fortinet firewall models, and what you need to know before choosing which model to purchase. 

Understanding FortiGate Firewalls

Fortinet FortiGate firewalls are the first line of defense of Fortinet’s comprehensive security platform. FortiGate models are Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) that are designed to protect networks of all sizes: home offices, small to medium sized businesses, enterprises and more. These devices combine essential security functions such as intrusion prevention, antivirus, web filtering, and application control into a single piece of equipment. 

Key Features of FortiGate Models

FortiGate Models come in several different sizes and are able to be custom configured, catering to the diverse needs of all kinds of networks. Here are some key features you can expect across the FortiGate product line:

  • High Performance: Fortigate firewalls deliver high throughput and low latency, ensuring network traffic is processed efficiently without compromising performance.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: FortiGate models come equipped with advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities. Some of these capabilities include sandboxing, botnet detection, and AI-driven threat intelligence.
  • Centralized Management: FortiGate firewalls can be centrally managed through Fortinet’s FortiManager platform, allowing administrators to to configure, monitor and analyze security policies all in one place.
  • Secure SD-WAN Integration: FortiGate models seamlessly incorporate security into SD-WAN deployments, establishing secure connectivity across distributed networks.
  • Scalability: Fortinet’s large selection of FortiGate models offers scalability to fit growing network demands without jeopardizing security or performance.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a FortiGate Firewall

There are several factors that can help determine which FortiGate model to buy. Listed below are some of the basic components to consider when choosing which firewall will best suit your needs. 

  1. Recommended User Counts – This might be the most important aspect when it comes to picking a firewall model. Whichever firewall you purchase must be able to support the number of users on your network. A user is defined as any desktop, laptop, printer, phone, tablet, or other internet-connected device operating on your business’s network. We recommend choosing a firewall with a larger user count than you need so your business has room to expand and can easily handle resource-heavy applications.

  2. Throughput Speeds – A firewall’s throughput speed is a measure of internet traffic volume that can pass through the firewall at any one time, based on the processing power of the hardware. Throughput is measured in Mbps (megabits per second) and Gbps (gigabits per second). Fortinet data sheets list a variety of throughput speed statistics for you to look through.

  3. SSL VPN Throughput – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) refer to communication protocols that govern how information is encrypted and transmitted between a source and its destination. Using SSL VPN tunnels is the most secure means for remote workers, outposts, and branch offices to access resources from the primary database. 

  4. Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels – Site-to-Site VPN tunnels allow fixed-location Local Area Networks (LANs) to extend secure conduits to the main office intranet. FortiGate datasheets outline the maximum number of tunnels that a firewall can accept from remote LANs.

  5. Form Factor – The form factor refers to the size and shape of the firewall. Most firewalls will have either a desktop or rackmount form factor. A firewall with a desktop form factor implies that the firewall is compact enough to comfortably sit atop a desk, while a rackmount form factor means the appliance was designed to be secured in a standard server rack. If the firewall you need has a rackmount form factor, you can easily purchase the coordinating rackmount on our site.

  6. Wireless Support – Some businesses prefer wireless firewalls instead of firewalls that must be connected via Cat5E/Cat6 cabling. Although wired appliances are generally faster and more stable, wireless firewalls are still a good and viable option for organizations needing more flexibility and a faster deployment. FortiGate wireless firewalls, or FortiWiFi firewalls, are able to reach any location without the limitations of physical cables and require less equipment and planning.

List of Fortinet FortiGate Models / Series

Below is a list of all the FortiGate models Firewalls.com sells. You can click on each series to view all the product offerings, download data sheets, and compare the specs and features.

Popular FortiGate Models We Recommend

  1. FortiGate 40F: This model is our go to for customers that own small businesses or have home offices / smaller retail locations. The FortiGate 40F offers a compact form factor with robust security features, providing your small business with enterprise grade security.

    Download FG-40F Data Sheet

  2. FortiGate 200F: We recommend this model for mid-sized businesses or enterprises. The FortiGate 200F delivers high-performance security with advanced threat protection capabilities, making it perfect for distributed environments and regional offices.

    Download FG-200F Data Sheet

Licensing For Your FortiGate Firewall

Fortinet offers many security add-ons and upgrades to further secure your network. These licenses may be either a one-time upgrade or a recurring subscription. If you would like to save time and money, you can opt for a 3 or 5 year license that is bundled with your FortiGate firewall. Here are a few examples of additional licenses Fortinet offers for FortiGate Firewalls:

  • 24×7 FortiCare Contract – This subscription includes technical support 24×7, 365 days a year. It also includes advanced replacement service for hardware failures.
  • Advanced Threat Protection – This service enables Fortinet Security Fabric to use integrated detection of advanced threats for automated response & mitigation.
  • FortiCloud Management & Analysis – This subscription grants access to Fortinet’s Cloud Management platform for simplified deployment, setup and management of your devices.
  • FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection – This license combines antivirus, mobile malware and FortiSandbox Cloud service
  • FortiGuard Web Filtering Service – Subscription-based managed web filtering solution that sorts billions of webpages & sites into categories to be allowed, restricted, or blocked.

Let Us Help Choose The Right FortiGate Model For You

You might be experiencing information overload after reading everything above, and that’s totally understandable! We have security experts that will walk you through choosing the best FortiGate Model for your business as well as deploying and managing your device if you need it. Firewalls.com’s in-house team of certified network engineers can help decipher which firewall you need as well as custom configure your firewall to optimize your network security. 
Learn more about Firewalls.com Configurations 

The Firewalls.com Managed Services team can also monitor, report and mitigate attacks on your network around the clock. This service is great for businesses that may not have enough IT staff to dedicate to managing your devices and network. 
Learn more about Managed Services

Still Not Sure About FortiGate Firewalls?

Let’s face it: cybersecurity is complicated. Firewalls.com encourages you to make an informed decision when purchasing any firewall because when the bad guys lose, we all win. Our account executives provide a low-pressure experience that’s heavy on product expertise and backed by decades of experience. Firewalls.com wants you to be 100% confident in your network security investment before any transactions begin.

Chat with our team about other security solutions

What’s the Difference Between the FortiGate 80F & FortiGate 80E?

Fortinet’s latest models, the FortiGate 80F and 81F have just launched. With a SoC4 security processor, application-specific chips, and new WAN edge features, the 80F series is another entry in Fortinet’s steady upgrade from the excellent E Series to the faster, even more secure F Series firewalls. The FortiGate 80F follows in the footsteps of the FortiGate 40F, FortiGate 60F, & FortiGate 100F. So what exactly is the difference between FortiGate 80E UTM appliances and the FortiGate 80F next generation firewall?

The FortiGate 80F


FortiGate 80F Tech Specs – Datasheet

Firewall Throughput: 10 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 1.4 Gbps

NGFW Throughput: 1 Gbps

SSL VPN Throughput: 900 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP): 1,500,000

New Connections per Second: 45,000

Firewall Latency: 4 μs

Not sure what these numbers mean? Check out our post explaining firewall Tech Specs!

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FortiGate 80F Overview

The FortiGate 80F brands itself as a secure SD-WAN and security appliance. This focus on the WAN edge is growing more and more popular in the network security space as small businesses and enterprises alike step up to the challenges of digital transformation and remote work. SD-WAN provides secure, direct Internet access for the kinds of cloud-connected applications businesses now depend on like Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, Office 365, and more.

Fortinet’s security-driven networking approach focuses on seamless integration, simple deployment, and intuitive, feature-rich management. This is made possible by Fortinet’s SD-WAN Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The first-of-its-kind technology handles identification and steering for over 5,000 known cloud applications.

The FortiGate 80F joins its F-Series brethren as leaders of the SD-WAN race. For any organization looking to deploy applications, devices, or cloud environments across multiple branch locations, the WAN edge efficiency of these models should put them at the top of any shortlist.


The FortiGate 80E

FortiGate 80E Tech Specs – Datasheet

Firewall Throughput: 4 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 450 Mbps

NGFW Throughput: 360 Mbps

SSL VPN Throughput: 200 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP): 1,300,000

New Connections per Second: 30,000

Firewall Latency: 3 μs

Not sure what these numbers mean? How about another reminder about our post explaining firewall Tech Specs!

FortiGate 80E Overview

The FortiGate 80E is well-recognized in the industry as a powerhouse of network security, fit for most mid-sized businesses and larger branch offices. The FG-80E includes a SoC3 system-on-a-chip build that optimizes processing power and performance without sacrificing security. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, the FortiGate 80E integrates multiple layers of security across small business networks, letting systems communicate in real time to detect and stop advanced threats.

The FortiGate 80E is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform that delivers wired and wireless networking for networks up to roughly 50 users. This model also comes with variants that boast improved internal storage as well as Power-over-Ethernet capabilities. A USB port located on the rear of the appliance allows for 3G/4G compatibility that allows for additional WAN connectivity and redundancy.

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How much does the FortiGate 80F cost?

Pricing for FortiGate 80F starts with an MSRP of $1200 for the Appliance Only model (though Firewalls.com highly discourages buying “appliance only” products as a primary firewall). However, Requesting a Quote or connecting with a Firewalls.com account representative via Live Chat will immediately shave hundreds of dollars off your final price tag.

Compared to the FG-80E, the FortiGate 80F nets you four times the UTM throughput, extra space for site-to-site tunnels, and connection per second gains an order of magnitude greater than E Series counterparts. And don’t forget that whole purpose-build secure SD-WAN, too.

Visit our Fortinet FortiGate 80F/81F page to Request a Quote or Live Chat now.

What is the Fortinet Security Fabric?

The Fortinet Security Fabric: An Overview

Whether you own a Fortinet product or you’re just shopping around, the Fortinet Security Fabric is a term you’re probably seeing a lot of these days. But what is it? Just like actual fabric – many individual fibers weaved together – the Security Fabric is Fortinet’s vast security portfolio intertwined. In short, it’s an integrated solution allowing you to see, manage, and secure your network products in one place. In long? Let’s get into it.

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Fortinet Security Fabric

It Starts With the Firewall

Here at Firewalls.com, we often refer to a firewall as the cornerstone of any network setup. The Fortinet Security Fabric treats it that way as well. It’s the hub around which all the spokes of the wheel connect – forgive the mixed metaphors. In this case, with your FortiGate next generation firewall – aka NGFW – you can coordinate the behavior of other Fortinet (and partner) products. That means your FortiGate can run your security show with visibility into all corners of your network. And by the way, it can also function as a Secure SD-WAN powerhouse in case you’ve missed that news. It supports a variety of other security technologies all under the same FortiOS operating system, including:

  • Secure Wi-Fi and Switching Access
  • Network Access
  • The single-console Fabric Management Center
  • Open Fabric Ecosystems for partner integrations
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Business-Critical Applications
  • Security Operations for automated threat detection, prevention, & response
  • Endpoint Protection

What is the goal of the Fortinet secure access solution?

The Fortinet secure access solution as it’s sometimes termed, encompasses secure switching and wireless. The goal is network access that’s easy to manage for admins while at the same time high performing for users.

Access is a word that pops up a few times in this conversation – as both creating and controlling it is key for an optimized, secure network. The Security Fabric integrates with FortiAPs to provide and manage secure wireless access and FortiSwitches to do what switches do – essentially create a network. And speaking of access, with the Fortinet Security Fabric, you can implement a zero-trust network access policy throughout your network.

It starts with network access detection, continuous monitoring,  and control. Next, you can implement multi-factor authentication with a solution like FortiToken. Finally, ongoing visibility and access control of all your endpoints is a must – something you can accomplish with FortiClient. When implemented together, you’ll make it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to your network – keeping your important data secure.

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How does the Security Fabric secure my network?

The Security Fabric is designed with network security as a priority. Fortinet refers to this as security driven networking. This begins with the FortiGate firewall as the front-line network protector. But it also includes the secure access solutions of the switch and wireless appliances, and dynamic cloud security to secure your cloud presence.

We’ve already discussed some of the role the FortiGate plays in the Security Fabric, but let’s expand a bit more. We already know the FortiGate is a firewall. But it also includes other critical security measures. These include a secure web gateway to help stop phishing attacks, SSL/TLS decryption to catch encrypted threats without slowing performance, and intent-based segmentation. And we can’t forget about the Secure SD-WAN component which extends this security outside the physical boundaries of the office to branch locations.

As for the cloud, the Security Fabric integrates a wide array of cloud-based security solutions. We know everyone has some type of cloud presence, so staying protected in that space is paramount. In addition to the FortiGate firewall, Fortinet offers FortiWeb web application firewalls. Email is also a major player in the cloud, and we know that email is a main entry point for malware. The good news is FortiMail is built to stop both traditional and advanced email threats.

Another note on all this security talk. The Fortinet Fabric Manager is your single console to manage all of the solutions mentioned above – and more. But the beauty is you won’t have to micromanage your security. Fortinet’s solutions heavily leverage artificial intelligence and automated security. FortiGuard AI incorporates real-time threat data gathered by FortiGuard Labs to ID and stop just about any online hazard you can think of. In essence, Fortinet Security Fabric solutions are constantly working behind the scenes to stop threats.

Who are Fortinet Security Fabric partners?

The list of Fortinet Security Fabric open fabric ecosystem partners is too numerous to include here. But these partners include heavyweights like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Intel, Oracle, and Siemens to name just a few. The partners leverage the Security Fabric to offer end-to-end security solutions in partnership with Fortinet. It’s just one more way your network gets comprehensive coverage.

How do I get started with the Security Fabric?

We’ve touched on a number of aspects of the Security Fabric in this piece. But in the end, as in the beginning, it all comes back to the firewall. To get started on your Security Fabric journey, find the FortiGate firewall that’s right for your network.


Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment for SD-WAN, FortiGate, & FortiMail

The Cyber Threat Assessment Program

There are exactly two ways to test your network’s security against cyber threats: run validation testing to assess precisely how your network performs or wait for the real thing to happen and draw conclusions while you’re picking up the pieces in the aftermath. While trial-by-fire is certainly a conclusive way to assess your network security, Firewalls.com strongly recommends the former option. Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program is a convenient and non-intrusive process that lets you see where your network stands without interrupting day-to-day operations.

The assessment is free of charge, requires little to no legwork on your part, and yields results in just over a week. Check out the infographic below to see how it works, or listen to our recent podcast episode where we discuss Cyber Threat Assessments with Fortinet’s Ben Bolen.

See How Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN Can Save You Time & Money

Been curious about SD-WAN? The very same process described in the infographic above can be used for an SD-WAN assessment as well! Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN allows for high-speed application performance at the WAN edge, intelligently determining the ideal routes for MPLS, 3G/4G, or broadband traffic. Since traditional WAN architectures are not equipped to accommodate the high-demand workloads modern organizations who may be using applications spanning multiple cloud environments. Now you’re one FREE assessment away from seeing exactly how Secure SD-WAN can transform your network.


What Information Is Included In CTAP Report?

The Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment focuses on three key areas: Security, User Productivity, & Network Utilization.

  • Security: Details network vulnerabilities and helps to identify which devices and applications are at an elevated risk so that they can be properly secured. In this section of the report you’ll get to see which vulnerabilities and threats were observed bypassing your existing security solutions.
  • User Productivity: Provides extensive visibility into peer-to-peer, messaging, and other application usage to see how users are using your network in their daily work. In this section you’ll see how spam, newsletters, and other cyber nuisances impact how your users navigate the network.
  • Utilization: Provides real-world numbers about throughput and bandwidth usage during peak traffic. In this section, you’ll get to see when your network resources are needed most and where waste can be eliminated.

No Risk, No Extra Work, No Commitments

The infographic above outlines the basic process for receiving, setting up, and reviewing your results. At no point in the process are you required to make any purchases, change any settings, or meet any deadlines. Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment is a risk-free program that requires no more extra work than plugging in a cord. If at any point you decide you want to end the test, pull the cord back out! That’s it. No money changes hands, no contracts are signed, and no network settings are changed. If you want to dump your final assessment in the trash, no problem. The report is yours to use as you see fit.

Ready For Your Free Assessment?

Getting your Cyber Threat Assessment is as easy as filling out a form on our Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program page. Leave us your contact info and Firewalls.com will work behind the scenes to get a test set up for you. We work closely with Fortinet to make sure the test requires as little effort on your part is possible.


What are the Differences Between the FortiGate 60F and FortiGate 60E?

The FortiGate 60F arrived just last month and the network security community is already abuzz with praise for this high-tech security appliance. With its SoC4 security processor, application-specific chip set, and WAN edge capabilities, there’s a lot to get excited for. However, because firewall manufacturers tend to design and launch firewalls in successive series, there can be a bit of confusion when it comes to understanding the key differences between the FortiGate 60F and it’s predecessor, the FortiGate 60E. While the FG-60E is still one of the fastest and most secure (and most popular) firewalls in the industry, let us take a closer look at what new potential the FG-60F has in store.


FortiGate 60E Tech Specs at a Glance

Firewall Throughput: 3 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 400 Mbps

NGFW Throughput: 250 Mbps

SSL VPN Throughput: 150 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP): 1,300,000

New Connections per Second: 30,000

Firewall Latency: 3 μs

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FortiGate 60E Overview

The FortiGate 60E is one of the most secure Next Generation Firewalls ever designed, propelled by tons of industry awards and accolades. In fact, the FortiGate 60 series is the #1 selling firewall in the world with over 1.5 million units sold globally. Originally hitting the market in 2016, the FortiGate 60E includes a SoC3 (System-on-a-Chip) architecture that further accelerates networking performance well past the potential of previous generations. The FortiGate 60E was among the first Fortinet firewalls to be integrated into the then-emerging Fortinet Security Fabric infrastructure.

The FortiGate 60E is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform that delivers integrate wired and wireless networking for medium-sized organizations. This model includes built-in dual-band, dual-stream wireless with integrated internal antennas providing fast 802.11ac wireless. Further, a USB port located on the rear of the appliance allows for compatibility with 3G or 4G USB modems for additional WAN connectivity.

Though this Next Generation Firewall is a few years old, it continues to stand at the front of the pack when compared to its competitors. For any small business not particularly concerned with SD-WAN considerations, the FortiGate 60E still makes for an excellent option as a primary network firewall.


FortiGate 60F Tech Specs at a Glance

Firewall Throughput: 10 Gbps

IPS Throughput: 1.4 Gbps

NGFW Throughput: 1 Gbps

SSL VPN Throughput: 900 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP): 700,000

New Connections per Second: 35,000

Firewall Latency: 4 μs

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FortiGate 60F Overview

The FortiGate 60F is a high-performance SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless form factor. Designed for branch offices, remote outposts, and mid-sized businesses, the FG-60F simplifies remote access issues and helps organizations reduce long-term expenses by phasing out expensive MPLS connections. SD-WAN provides secure, direct Internet access for the kinds of cloud-connected applications that businesses now depend on like Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, Office 365, and more.

This security-focused WAN edge networking is made possible by Fortinet’s SD-WAN Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The first-of-its-kind SOC4 – first introduced in the more port-heavy, rack-mountable FortiGate 100F – delivers blazing fast application identification and steering for over 5,000 known cloud applications. Fortinet’s advanced routing capabilities mean that modern connected businesses achieve superb user experience without worrying about performance loss.

The FortiGate 60F joins its F-Series big brother the 100F as kings of the growing SD-WAN arms race and the industry’s news face of digital transformation. For any organization looking to deploy applications, devices, or cloud environments across multiple branch locations, the WAN edge efficiency of these models are just too great put them at the top of the shortlist.

Take a deeper dive into the FortiGate 60F with our video review on Youtube!

Try SD-WAN Yourself, For Free

Curious what all the hubbub about SD-WAN is about? Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program allows you to test these new technologies in a real-world setting: your network! Get your hands on a free SD-WAN test drive and see how much time, money, and productivity your network is leaving on the table. Sign up for a free Cyber Threat Assessment today.

Review the Features, Specs, & Benefits of the FortiGate-50E for Small Business

What do Firewalls.com Next-Gen Firewall reviews cover?

If you’ve checked out the Firewalls.com YouTube Channel, then you already know that our video library is a convenient hub for product information, how-to videos and configuration tutorials, feature reviews, & more. We’re going to keep offering the most in-depth educational videos around the web because we believe customers should make the most informed decision possible when shopping for a next-generation firewall solution.

Why choose Fortinet for your small business?

Fortinet FortiGate firewalls are making a huge splash in the SMB market with small business firewall solutions that tackle budget constraints. Quick, simple installations, comprehensive security service suites, and intuitive management makes it so even small businesses with little to no IT support are able to effectively secure their network. As a now 9 time Gartner leader for Unified Threat Management, FortiGate firewalls for small business have proven themselves a consistent winner as SMB multifunction firewalls. Low total cost of ownership, partnered with super smart security services make the FortiGate-30E, FortiGate-50E, and FortiGate-60E ideal and budget-friendly options for any small office setting.

FortiGate-50E Spec Snapshot

Want a quick rundown of the FortiGate-50E’s technical specifications before you jump into the video?

Here’s a quick snapshot of what this Fortinet small business firewall is capable of:

Fortinet FortiGate-50E

Max Firewall Throughput: 2.5 Gbps

Full Unified Threat Management Throughput: 160 Mbps

Available Interface Ports: USB Port; Console RJ45; 2x GE RJ45 WAN Ports; 5x GE RJ45 Switch Ports

Maximum Supported Wireless Access Points: 10 Total, 5 in Tunnel Mode

VPN SSL Tunnels Supported: 80 Recommended

Hardware-Only MSRP: $550.00

Firewalls.com Price: $394.24

See the full FortiGate/FortiWifi 50E Series Datasheet

Check out our review of the SonicWall NSa 2650

If you’re looking for more videos to compare your options, we’ve got no shortage of resources and guides to lend a hand! Whether it’s our firewall buyer’s guide series or convenient comparison tables, Firewalls.com provides the info you need make the wisest network security investment possible.

Check out our feature overview video for the SonicWall NSa 2650 to see how they stack up!

Looking for more info about FortiGate firewalls?

Take the guesswork out of your Fortinet purchase by learning about different Fortinet series, security bundles, services, & more. A quick download of our Fortinet Buyer’s Guide for 2021 can arm you with the confidence to find your security bliss.

Get the Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls for Small Business: Securing SMBs with Enterprise-Class UTM

As cyber threats continue to grow more sophisticated, security platforms respond with greater complexity and specialization, SMB organizations with a quickly diverging set of goals: small businesses need increasingly complex solutions but delivered with increasingly simpler way to manage those solutions. With 25% of data breaches occurring at small businesses, organizations need enterprise-grade security at a low total cost of ownership that can be managed through a single pane of glass. Fortinet SMB options consistently meet this holy trinity of security goals and have the NSS Labs recommendations and Gartner accolades to prove it. But how do small business FortiGates stand against the tied of evolving threats and which are the best small business Fortinet firewalls for your needs?

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FortiGates for Small Business: FortiGate 30E, FortiGate 50E, FortiWifi 30E, & FortiWifi 60E

FortiGate 30E

Perfect for: Small business networks as large as 10 users

Firewall Throughput, Running full UTM service suite: 150 Mbps

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels supported: Up to 80

SSL VPN Throughput: 35 Mbps

Interfaces: Features multiple GE RJ45 Points with USB Port

Wireless Access Points Supported: 2

MSRP with 1-Year FortiGuard UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support for Small Business: $709.50

Firewalls.com Price with 1-Year UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support: $546.32 (Over $150 in Savings)

FortiGate 50E

Perfect for: Small business networks as large as 15 users

Firewall Throughput, Running full UTM service suite: 160 Mbps

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels supported: Up to 80

SSL VPN Throughput: 100 Mbps

Interfaces: Features multiple GE RJ45 Points with USB Port

Wireless Access Points Supported: 10

MSRP with 1-Year FortiGuard UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support for Small Business: $907.50

Firewalls.com Price with 1-Year UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support: $698.78 (Over $200 OFF MSRP)

FortiWifi 30E

Perfect for: Small business networks as large as 10 users

Firewall Throughput, Running full UTM service suite: 150 Mbps

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels supported: Up to 80

SSL VPN Throughput: 35 Mbps

Interfaces: GE RJ45 Ports, USB Port, & IEEE 802.11 a/b/h/n/ac

Wireless Access Points Supported: 2

MSRP with 1-Year FortiGuard UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support for Small Business: $825.00

Firewalls.com Price with 1-Year UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support: $635.25 (Nearly $200 in Savings)

FortiWifi 60E

Perfect for: Small business networks as large as 25 users

Firewall Throughput, Running full UTM service suite: 200 Mbps

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels supported: Up to 100

SSL VPN Throughput: 150 Mbps

Interfaces: GE RJ45 Ports, USB Port, & IEEE 802.11 a/b/h/n/ac

Wireless Access Points Supported: 30

MSRP with 1-Year FortiGuard UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support for Small Business: $1237.50

Firewalls.com Price with 1-Year UTP Bundle & 24×7 Support: $952.88 (Save nearly $300)

Want to compare more Fortinet FortiGate and FortiWifi firewalls for your small business? Check out these four free tools that help you compare Fortinet firewalls and make Fortinet renewals a breeze.

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FortiGate UTM Weaves Individual Services into a Single Security Fabric

In simple terms: Fortinet’s Security Fabric philosophy describes the seamless integration between various FortiGuard services to operate as a single, truly unified platform. In more techy terms, the Security Fabric uses telemetry to link together security sensors in real time in order to collect data, coordinate responses, process efficiently, and report comprehensively on any potentially malicious behavior that occurs at any place, time, or attack surface of your network. An upstream FortiGate next-gen firewall coordinates behavior for other Fortinet products in your network such as FortiAnalyzer, FortiAPs, FortiSwitches, & more. The added visibility and control of the Fortinet security fabric makes the separate parts of endpoint protection, network infrastructure, and remote access capabilities into a greater whole.

Managing an SMB Fortinet Firewall

Restraints on time and budget hold back small business across the globe when it comes to effectively managing their network. Fortinet SMB options simplify management into a single pane of glass, meaning all of the important data and notifications you need can be located on a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard. FortiGate SMB management focuses on providing quantifiable security metrics, superior traffic visibility, and automation that integrates multiple data silos to provide holistic security outlooks. The Fortinet security fabric outlined above centralizes control over all Fortinet network assets, meaning you don’t have to juggle a dozen different browser tabs to analyze trends and make decisions. Reduce task time for your IT team and improve response time with rapid detection and alerting.

Want to skip the legwork altogether? More and more small businesses are relying on trusted third-party security providers to manage, monitor, and remediate networks on their behalf. Not only does this cut down on how much time and money SMBs spend on network security, it lets small business owners focus on more relevant and profitable aspects of their business. Firewalls.com manages hundreds of small business networks across the United States. We monitor and respond to threats directly from our Security Operations Center located in Indianapolis and staffed by engineers and network architects certified to the highest possible tiers. Learn more about Managed Security Service to save your small business time, labor, and money.

Deploying a Small Business Fortinet Firewall

99% of network breaches can be attributed to a misconfigured firewall. Configuring a next generation firewall is just as important as which brand, model, or services you purchase. If you follow our content, you’re sure to have seen the Firewalls.com campaign imploring network admins to just say “No” to the out-of-box setup wizard.

If you plan on pursuing a DIY FortiGate configuration: follow along with our free Firewall Configuration QuickStart Checklist.

Want to have your new Fortinet SMB firewall perfectly configured to your exact specifications and mailed to your door just a few days later? Check out our Firewall Configuration Service, performed by the same expert team of engineers that keep our managed customers secure around the clock.

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Buying Fortinet SMB

Navigating security service options can be a hassle, but Fortinet makes it easy for small businesses to find not only a well-sized and high-performance FortiGate firewall for their needs but bundles together comprehensive suites of security services that integrate hand-in-hand with your network infrastructure. The Fortinet Security Fabric represents the close-knit alliance of a network’s multiple security “threads” pulling together. This enhanced visibility and control means even small businesses can deploy enterprise-class network security using FortiGate firewalls.

If you want to learn how FortiGuard UTM & Enterprise bundles, FortiCare contracts, FortiSandbox, and FortiCare support services pair up to bolster your network security, check out the Firewalls.com FortiGate Buyer’s Guide. We break down FortiGate Series and define brand terms in this free short product guide.

What Is FortiGuard? A Look at the Security Services Available for your FortiGate

There’s a reason why Fortinet FortiGate firewalls and the Fortinet Security Fabric solutions continue to earn praise after praise after praise from industry benchmarkers. With their UTM Solutions entering their 9th consecutive year as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders, the minds at FortiGuard Labs certainly have secured their spot at the top of the industry. So what makes Fortinet FortiGuard security services excel?

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The Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet’s FortiGuard security solutions were built to balance performance and protection across all of Fortinet’s security platforms. Whether you’re deploying a FortiGate, a FortiDDoS appliance, or a FortiWifi for wireless networking, you can access a comprehensive range of services that weave seamlessly together, forming the Fortinet Security Fabric. The Fortinet Security Fabric delivers protection and unparalleled visibility into every segment, device, and appliance operating on your network.

The individual tools found within the Fortinet Security Fabric automatically synchronize to enforce policies, coordinate responses, and provide intuitive management & reporting tools through a single console. This Security Fabric is broad, integrated, and automated. Below, you can view which services are available on your Fortinet products.

fortiguard labs deploys updates and the latest threat signatures and threat intelligence through the cloud to your fortigate firewall

What Is Included in FortiGuard Bundles?

Firewalls.com offers two distinct tiers of Fortinet bundles for your FortiGate firewall: the UTM Protection Bundle and the more advanced Enterprise Protection Bundle. Each of the bundles includes a range of security services designed to tackle the most advanced Internet threats facing networks in 2018. This includes AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Advanced Malware Protection, Content Filtering, Sandboxing, AntiSpam, Email Security, Botnet Protection, & more. And with the highly-lauded FortiGuard Labs team constantly updating your services with machine learning & an ever-expanding database of malware signatures, you can rest assured that your security infrastructure is not only robust but modernized to the minute with regular, automated updates. Below you can view a diagram outlining how the latest protection against advanced threats is rolled out from FortiGuard Labs, to the cloud, and on to your FortiGate appliance.

Note: Firewalls.com also offers separate FortiCare Contracts for support, firmware updates, hardware return options, & technical resources.

fortiguard labs provides real time threat intelligence for your fortigate firewall

Enterprise-Grade Protection with FortiGuard

The FortiGuard Enterprise Protection Bundle includes three additional services that the UTM Bundle lacks. Fortinet’s Security Rating, Industrial DB Signatures, and FortiCASB give the extra edge that large-scale enterprises and highly distributed networks need to fully secure their large and complex attack surfaces.

Security Rating DB – The FortiGuard Security Rating DB is intended to guide customers in designing and maintaining the optimal network security infrastructure for their organization’s unique needs. This series of audits analyzes your Fortinet Security Fabric deployment to identify vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, & potential blind spots. Similar to Firewalls.com’s Health Check Service!

Industrial Signature Database – The FortiGuard Industrial DB Signatures provides visibility and control to hundreds of industrial applications and allows the use of custom applications. Industrial DB supports most major Industrial Control System manufacturers and delivers real-time threat intelligence updates.

FortiCASB – Fortinet’s cloud-based Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides much needed visibility and threat protection into the SaaS and cloud-based applications that enterprises increasingly employ. FortiCASB lends the ability to enforce network policies with API-based access to cloud applications.

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How To Buy a Fortinet FortiGate

Firewalls.com offers a variety of FortiGate products and service bundles including the FortiGuard UTM Protection Bundle and the FortiGuard Enterprise Protection Bundle. The best way to navigate your options, though, is to check out our 2021 Fortinet Buyer’s Guide!

Get the Fortinet Buyers’ Guide

2018 Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Fortinet, Defined

FortiGate? FortiWifi? FortiRugged? FortiFabric? What feels like forty-million options offered by the Fortinet product catalog can be a turn-off for small business owners looking to make the wisest investment in their cybersecurity. Unfortunately, this deters many organizations from getting their hands on one of the greatest product lines in the security industry. Fortinet consistently rocks benchmark tests, with their super smart FortiGate series of next gen firewalls winning massive praise from the likes of Gartner and NSS Labs. Don’t miss out on great security solutions; download our Fortinet Buyer’s Guide!

Here’s a FortiFact: In 2018, Fortinet reported LOWEST total cost of ownership among 10 brands tested by NSS Labs. (Just $2 per secured Mbps—compare to Check Point’s whopping $57 per Mbps)

Marked as a Leader in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Next Gen Firewalls, Fortinet has been making waves with their E-Series firewalls featuring dedicated security content processors, their FortiRugged outdoor appliances, and FortiWifi devices with built-in wireless access points. So how can a consumer with little to no Fortinet knowledge conquer this big, bad maze of killer options?

Another FortiFact: The FortiGate NGFW blocked 100% of the evasions that testers at NSS Labs threw at it.

Meet the Firewalls.com Fortinet Buyer’s Guide

Meet the Buyers Guide -- Comic drawn by Kat at Firewalls.com. Email us and we'll force her to draw one for your too!

In the pages of our short PDF Fortinet buyer’s guide, you’ll find helpful tables and definitions that demystify the catalog and examine the golden threads Fortinet spun into their FortiFabric.

More FortiFacts: FortiFabric is an end-to-end suite of security appliances, services, and licenses. Together, Fortinet’s integrated services outperform piece-by-piece security patchworks deployed by many organizations…

What Does the Fortinet Buyer’s Guide Include?

Recommended Users Counts

Glossary of Fortinet Terms

Service Definitions

Product Series Overviews

Follow-up Info on Buying Options

Third-Party Testing Reports





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