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New WatchGuard T20, T40, & T80 Firewalls

New WatchGuard Firewalls: Firebox T20, T40, & T80

The WatchGuard T20, along with its counterparts the WatchGuard T40 and WatchGuard T80, are the latest Firebox T-Series appliances. Launched in June 2020, these new WatchGuard firewalls sport faster speeds and increased security. This is big security in a small appliance.

The WatchGuard T20 or T40 can be used as a standalone firewall for small offices, or act as a VPN gateway to provide secure remote access to employees working from home. Some improvements include:

  • Increased throughput speeds
  • More Gig Ports
  • Built with SD-WAN in mind
  • More connections than ever
  • Greater capacity for VPN tunnels

Get an in-depth look at the new Firebox T-Series firewalls with our latest feature review video, then read on for more!

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WatchGuard T20 Spec Snapshot

WatchGuard T20 Firewall

WatchGuard T20 Firewall

Max Firewall Throughput: 1.7 Gbps

VPN Throughput: 485 Mbps

Network Interface Ports: 5 x 1GbE, 1 USB, 1 Serial

Maximum Connections: 95,000

Authenticated User Limit: 200

Branch Office VPNs: 10


WatchGuard T40 Spec Snapshot

WatchGuard T40 Firewall

WatchGuard T40 Firewall

Max Firewall Throughput: 3.4 Gbps

VPN Throughput: 880 Mbps

Network Interface Ports: 5 x 1GbE, 2 USB, 1 Serial

Maximum Connections: 200,000

Authenticated User Limit: 500

Branch Office VPNs: 30


WatchGuard T80 Spec Snapshot

WatchGuard T80 Firewall

WatchGuard T80 Firewall

Max Firewall Throughput: 4.7 Gbps

VPN Throughput: 1.4 Gbps

Network Interface Ports: 8 x 1GbE, 1 USB, 1 Serial

Maximum Connections: 200,000

Authenticated User Limit: 500

Branch Office VPNs: 60


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Save Money on WatchGuard T20, T40, & T80 Firewalls

WatchGuard makes it easy to save money if you’re ready to upgrade. WatchGuard T40 piqued your interest? WatchGuard’s trade up program lets you earn up to 25% when you upgrade. Just send in your old, aging Firebox and you’ll save big while gaining access to tools and services only available on the newest generation:

  • SD-WAN with zero touch deployment
  • WatchGuard Cloud for management & reporting
  • IntelligentAV to stop unknown threats with AI
  • ThreatSync security data
  • DNSWatch, Network Discovery, & more

Exploring the Difference Between WatchGuard T Series & WatchGuard M Series Firewalls

What’s the difference between WatchGuard T Series firewalls & M Series firewalls?

WatchGuard’s next generation Firebox firewalls are great for small businesses and mid-sized organizations alike, with a range of options to fit offices of any size. Whether you’re looking for unified threat protection and easy management, or just additional protections for an existing network, the WatchGuard T Series and WatchGuard M Series firewall families offer versatility and scalability at an affordable price point. It can be a challenge to compare WatchGuard firewalls, especially if you’re not sure of the differences between WatchGuard’s T Series and M Series.

WatchGuard T vs M Series form factors & connectivity

If you’re looking for big security in a small package, WatchGuard T Series firewalls are compact security dynamos with tons of features to keep even the most hands-on network administrator happy. In terms of form factor, T Series firewalls are desktop models made to be small enough to sit next to your favorite coffee mug.

WatchGuard M Series firewalls are larger appliances, made to fit into a standard 19″ server rack. These firebox appliances are 1RU (or rack unit) high, so they don’t take up a lot of space when properly mounted. WatchGuard T Series firewalls can also be made to fit into a 19″ rack by using a compatible rackmount kit if you so desire.

WatchGuard T Series firewalls like the Firebox T15, Firebox T35, & Firebox T55 can also be purchased as wireless appliances, meaning wireless connectivity, fewer wires, and simpler installation in otherwise tricky environments where wired options would prove subpar. WatchGuard M Series firewalls are not able to offer wireless access. There is just too much performance and advanced security going on to stream over the air!

WatchGuard T vs M Series sizing, throughput, & VPN

While physical size of the firewall may be important, more crucial to your decision as a buyer is the ability to correctly “size” a firewall’s security capabilities for your network needs. Firewalls.com considers any device including laptops, mobiles, printers, IoT, and all other connected entities on your network as “users” when discussing recommended user counts.

WatchGuard T Series firewalls are made for small businesses. The Firebox T15 at the smaller end of the scale is able to easily secure one to 10 users, while the higher-end Firebox T70 is a good fit for up to 50. Similarly, the WatchGuard M Series can range from around 50 to 100 users for the more modest Firebox M270 while the gargantuan Firebox M5600 will comfortably secure well over 2,500 users.

With many companies now working remotely, the ability for your firewall to secure remotely connected employees is also critical. For most companies, that means setting up VPN tunnels between remote employees’ home offices and the company network. Different firewalls have different capabilities when it comes to the number of VPN tunnels they can support, so be sure to talk to an expert if you’re looking to get employees working from home on a WatchGuard firewall.

These differences in user count recommendations boil down to how much throughput power the appliances can handle, how many concurrent connections the device can support at once, and what levels of advanced security services, remote connectivity, and encryption your network requires. Also keep in mind that bigger firewalls often mean more interfaces and ports to access. All of this information can be found in detail inside a product datasheet. And take a closer look at the T35 and T55 firewalls with our feature review video.

WatchGuard T Series at a Glance

  • WatchGuard Firebox T15 -Firewall Throughput: 400 Mbps/Concurrent Connections: 100,000/VLANs: 10
  • WatchGuard Firebox T35 -Firewall Throughput: 940 Mbps/Concurrent Connections: 1,300,000/VLANs: 50
  • WatchGuard Firebox T55 -Firewall Throughput: 1.0 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 1,300,000/VLANs: 75
  • WatchGuard Firebox T70 -Firewall Throughput: 4.0 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 800,000/VLANs: 75


WatchGuard M Series at a Glance

  • WatchGuard Firebox M270 -Firewall Throughput: 4.9 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 2,000,000/VLANs: 10
  • WatchGuard Firebox M370 -Firewall Throughput: 8.0 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 3,300,000/VLANs: 200
  • WatchGuard Firebox M470 -Firewall Throughput: 19.6 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 3,800,000/VLANs: 300
  • WatchGuard Firebox M570 -Firewall Throughput: 26.6 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 8,300,000/VLANs: 500
  • WatchGuard Firebox M670 -Firewall Throughput: 34.0 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 8,500,000/VLANs: 750
  • WatchGuard Firebox M4600 -Firewall Throughput: 40.0 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 7,500,000/VLANs: 750
  • WatchGuard Firebox M5600 -Firewall Throughput: 60.0 Gbps/Concurrent Connections: 12,700,000/VLANs: Unlimited


Reviewing the Specs and Features of the WatchGuard Firebox T Series T35 and T55 Firewalls

WatchGuard Firebox T Series Firewalls

Small businesses can’t afford to skimp on cyber security, but oftentimes, the idea of a complicated setup without knowledgeable IT staff to handle it can have owners thinking “it’s too much trouble.” The bottom line is though, you need someone watching out for your network, guarding against attacks. Watching and guarding, hmm, who might take that mantle? With more than 20 years as a leading (and routinely award-winning) network security provider, WatchGuard is ready to have your organization’s back. And for small business networks, WatchGuard Firebox T Series firewalls have something for everyone.

In our latest feature review, we zero in on the Firebox T35 and Firebox T55, similar tabletop firewalls that pack a network security punch. These appliances are available in wired and wireless models, with easy deployment and management no matter which one you choose. Learn more about these two top notch unified threat management options in our new video:


WatchGuard FireBox T35/T35W Spec Snapshot





Here’s a quick snapshot of the technical specifications for this small business firewall:

Firebox T35

Max Firewall Throughput: 940 Mbps

UTM Throughput: 278 Mbps

Available Interface Ports: 2xUSB; 1 Serial; 5xGbE (1 PoE)

Concurrent Sessions: 1,300,000

Recommended Users: 11-25

See the full FireBox T35/T55 Datasheet

WatchGuard Firebox T55/T55W Spec Snapshot





Here’s a quick snapshot of the technical specifications for this small business firewall:

Firebox T55

Max Firewall Throughput: 1 Gbps

UTM Throughput: 523 Mbps

Available Interface Ports: 2xUSB; 1 Serial; 5xGbE (1 PoE)

Concurrent Connections: 1,300,000

Recommended Users: 26-35

See the full FireBox T35/T55 Datasheet

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Watching out for WatchGuard

Get a closer look at the WatchGuard FireBox T Series of firewalls at our WatchGuard FireBox T Series page, which includes links to all T Series models available, datasheets, and more.


CHEck OUT the WatchGuard Firebox T Series

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Spotlight: WatchGuard Firebox & XTM

Every Hero Has A Story

Superman has Metropolis. Batman has Gotham. WatchGuard has Seattle. Originally founded in 1996 as Seattle Software Labs, WatchGuard saw a meteoric rise in a budding cyber security environment which soon positioned them as an authority in Unified Threat Management. WatchGuard released their first prototype appliance, the Firebox T10, which is still available to this day. Over the last decade, the company has expanded their line of Firebox products to accommodate business needs ranging from SMBs to enterprise organizations. The company is headed by CEO Prakash Panjwani.

Notable in the company’s history is the introduction of a concept they call Extensible Threat Management, or XTM. XTM revolves around the promise of greater flexibility, powerful performance, and intelligent security layers.

What is XTM?

Extensible Threat Management is the next step in the evolution of UTM. The word extensible denotes an ability to be extended. This versatility is why WatchGuard promotes its products as “future proof.” XTM comprehensive security suites are designed to grow and adapt as rapidly as the cyber threats they stand against. As detailed in WatchGuard’s “An Overview of XTM” whitepaper, modern-day cyber scoundrels are no longer a motley crew of rabble-rousers screaming “Witness me!” while diving blindly into the fray. Cyber crime has become an expansive and sophisticated industry. Where there is money to be made, there are no longer games to be played. Cyber criminals are developing ways to move faster than sentries can repel them. WatchGuard writes in their whitepaper that “attackers have developed automated repackaging malware applications so that the malware changes every few minutes—effectively staying ahead of any anti-virus vendors’ ability to produce a signature.” XTM addresses this weakness by providing dynamic and adjustable security infrastructure.

This malleability of capabilities translates into other major strengths as well: “future proof” means that if protocols, compliance expectations, and regulations change over time, you can update your Firebox to meet those demands instead of scrapping your security plan and starting from scratch with a new appliance.

Profile of Superpowers

Cool Under Pressure: Gartner awarded WatchGuard the title of Visionaries in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UTMs. They were specifically shown praise from their customer base for their ability to perform at high throughputs even when a large number of security features are enabled. If your organization needs a real workhorse, WatchGuard can handle the load.

Gives You X-Ray Vision: WatchGuard users boast loudly and frequently about the depth of reporting provided by Dimension, a portal which visualizes data and generates convenient aggregates. Dimension comes standard with WatchGuard XTMs and next-generation firewall platforms.

Makes It Look Easy: Entrepreneurs and IT professionals that aren’t bleeding-edge security gurus can breathe a sigh of relief when they plug in their first Firebox. WatchGuard products, platforms, and tools are incredibly easy to use and modify. Setting up policies is a breeze and implementation is nearly a plug-and-play scenario.

Justice is Served

If you’ve put out a call for help, let us connect you with your new champion. Firewalls.com provides a wide array of WatchGuard Firebox appliances, XTM platforms, and service solutions. And since the WatchGuard XTM is future proof, you’ll watch your ROI go up, up, and away.